Who are we?

We are Makeware LLC., It is a software development company focused on multimedia development (RA, VR) and corporate control systems both Web and Mobile.

Rent control systems for companies (Mobile Control, Courier, satellite tracking and cargo transportation).

Specific developments for events and publicity, sensors, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality

  • Established 05-10-2010
  • Company IT Firm
  • Location NJ - USA / BOG - COL


  • Iphone and Android App Development

    Mobile application development. intuitive and efficient designs solutions for corporate use and mass distribution..

  • Rent System Control

    Rent control systems.

  • Web Development

    WEB development of solutions, both for business or personal use..

Our Workflow

  • Think
  • Design
  • Code
  • Test
  • Launch


  • PHP (99%)
  • ASP.NET (90%)
  • ANDROID (90%)
  • IOS (90%)
  • NODEJS (95%)
  • Mobile Apps90%
  • WEB Aplications99%
  • Custom Developer99%
  • Rent System Control90%
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    Multi Level Virtual Game by MakeWare

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    IAPersonality analysis by text or voice recording and robotic systems.

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    Multi Level Virtual Game by MakeWare

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    Management and analysisCapturing real-time information to improve processes and making descisiones.

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    Sys ControlControl systems for logistics, WEB and mobile solutions.

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    TrackingMovable asset tracking, transport, packages and all kinds of solutions.

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    Virtual Reality(V.R)Developing applications with virtual reality.

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    Electronic Devices, Hardware open source designed.

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    Augmented Reality (A.R)Developing applications with Augmented Reality

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Other Details

USA: (+1) 718 514 2783

COL: (+57) 316 282 4301


MakeWare LLC - United States